Hands On Science: Pollinators

Hands On Science

Free Resources

Be a friend to Pollinatorsis a free E Book that your little scientist might enjoy.

Pollinators in Iowa is a free guide to Iowa’s pollinators.

The Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund has a multitude free of guides and beautifully colored posters of pollinators. These are free and shipped directly to you free. You can find those here.

Field Trip Recommendations

Doo Little Prairie, Story City, Iowa
Mcfarland Park, Ames, Iowa
Christiansen Forest Preserve, Huxley. Iowa
Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, Prairie City, Iowa
Carroll Prairie, Nevada Iowa
The Brenton Arboretum, Dallas Center, Iowa
Cooper’s Prairie Marsh, Nevada, Iowa

Learning a Bit About Pollinators

Five things you can do to help pollinators
1. Plant a flower garden
2. Plant milkweed for the monarchs
3. Provide watering dishes in your garden
4. Protect your garden from pesticides
5. Teach your friends about pollinators

For the purpose of sharing some of our experiments and experiences some of our lessons have been recorded. I hope that you are able to take something away from our examples of our science lessons, free resources referrals and field trip recommendations.

One afternoon JV and I headed out in our neighborhood to see if we could find Monarch eggs, a chrysalis or caterpillars on milkweed plants. You can see part of our neighborhood walk below.

I opened a dried milkweed seed pod. It was beautiful and a fluffy silky mess. You can see God’s beautiful design below.

JV had an opportunity to participate with High School Students around Iowa and learn about Bees. He was able to watch a little baby bee take it’s first flight. You can see it too in the video below.

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