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Top Six Free and One Cheap Fun Homeschool Activities

I don’t know about you but at about week six of our homeschool year I quickly realize a need to breath some new life into our homeschool schedule. I always plan on starting strong and for my little one this can cause some stress and burn out. As all homeschool moms, I want to ensure my child receives the best education at our kitchen table. But sometimes this material can be overwhelming. Sometimes the materials and the recommended schedules can cause stress and anxiety, two feelings I would prefer to keep to a minimum. Whether you use a curricula set or have a mishmash of materials you pull together I have found it is good to veer off the path and do a few alternative activities. Activities that have a little bigger punch of fun than our normal, sometimes mundane schedule provides. Below I have put together a collection of my top 6 picks, five freebies and one cheapie.

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Seventh Grade Homeschool Curricula Choices for the Classical Child.

Below are a couple videos that go through what we will be using for our 7th grade school year. We follow a classical child approach to choosing our material. Below you will see what we are using for Language Arts, Math, Logic, History, Science and biblical studies. The last video is how I am attempting to incorporate a loop schedule for our day.

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