Bible Art Projects

Why Bible Art Projects?

The purpose of our Bible Art Projects is to connect Reading, Faith, Biblical Verse and Art. It is my hope that these multi-sensory activities will enhance your child’s learning experience and help cement scripture into their memory.

Encourage your child to be creative. If your child needs prompting or some ideas give them many ideas to help formulate their own. Be careful not to direct them too closely. This illustration is their version, their art inspired by the Lord’s word. Have supplies on hand and set them in front of your child. Each day use the next bible verse or passage to inspire that morning’s art project.

If a bible art project is something you would like to incorporate into your homeschool day, you can find a list of our projects below.

Easter Art Project
A 10 day art project, intended to end on Easter Sunday.

Introduction to In the Beginning Bible Project
A 30 day art project. This can be done once a week or daily. You can begin this at any time and take complete at your own pace. It can be incorporated at any time. It might be fun to begin at the beginning of summer, the school year or at the new year.
Week 1 In the Beginning
Week 2 In the Beginning
Week 3 In the Beginning
Week 4 In the Beginning
Week 5 In the Beginning


Thankfulness | Five Day Bible Art Project
A 5 day art project intended to be completed the week of thanksgiving. Although gratitude and thanksgiving can be incorporated at any time during you school year.

Jesse Tree Themed | Christmas Art Project.
Week 1: Day 1- Day 7
Week 2: Day 8 – Day 14
Week 3 Day 15- Christmas Day

Joseph Art Project ~ COMING SOON
Moses Art Project ~ COMING SOON
The Life of Jesus Art Project ~ COMING SOON

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