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In the Beginning | Back to School | Bible Art Project

In the Beginning | Back to School Bible Art Project

Join us in a 6 week Back to School Bible Art Project. This study will have your children reading scripture and creating beautiful art work illustrating the early biblical times from Creation to the Exodus.

This project is designed as a 6 week daily art project. But you can work on this every Friday for 30 weeks just as easily as twice or three times a week. You can fit this in where it works with your daily and weekly schedules.

Before you get started, take a moment to pray with your children. Pray that they learn what the Lord has spoken to them through the Holy Bible. Pray that they enjoy this activity and that it is blessed with the Lord’s beauty in their little hearts and in their masterpieces.

First have your child pick a medium. Any will work, a Mod Podge collage, water colors, crayons, markers, charcoal, mosaics or colored pencils. You can have your child complete each masterpiece in the same medium or switch it up each day. Importantly keep this a fun learning activity.

The purpose of the bible art project is to connect Reading, Faith, Biblical Verse and Art. It is my hope that these multidisciplinary activities are aimed at enhancing your child’s learning experience and helping cement scripture into their memory.

Encourage your child to be creative. If your child needs prompting or some ideas give them many ideas to help formulate their own. Be careful not to direct them too closely. This illustration is their version, their art inspired by the Lord’s word. Have supplies on hand and set them in front of your child. Each day use the next bible verse to inspire that morning’s art project. Once the challenge is completed you and your child will have 25 illustrated bible passages.

Each day before starting that days bible passages review the bible passages previously learned and illustrated and answer any questions asked. Review each piece of work with the corresponding bible passages. Ask your child questions and give them lots of positive feedback. As you get further along, it might become time consuming to review each passage, but you can pick and choose each day depending on how you want to focus your child’s attention.

Start this project by reviewing, reading and discussing the bible passage with your child. If your child is old enough have him read the scripture from his bible. If your child is not reading, read the scripture from the bible to him. Be sure to ask your child if they have any questions. You can work this into a bible study and give your child any background information needed to explain.

Explain to your child that you would like them to create an image that reflects the specific daily passage.

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