Around the House

Making a Honeydukes Express Food Trolley and Butter Beer.

FERRERO ROCHER Hazelnut Chocolate picked up at Walmart. Cut out little wings and attached with FR sticker.

Credit for this idea:
Becca Beach
Youtube Video HERE.

Picked these frog molds up on Amazon. Filled halfway with melted chocolate, added a little peanut butter finished with chocolate.

Found a template for the Chocolate Frog boxes on-line. Had printed on card stock. I put the little chocolate frogs in small transparent candy bags, I’d picked up at Walmart. The frogs were a bit big for the boxes.
Box Template HERE.

Bertie Botts every flavor beans ordered on Amazon.
Circus Peanuts as witches’ toes.
Licorice wands.

Picked up Gold Coins and mini Reese’s Cups at Walmart. Made them into little brooms with pretzels.

Butter Beer
Cream Soda
Butterscotch Sundae Syrup
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

See how we made Platform 9 3/4 HERE.
See how JV made his own Golden Snitch Pinata. HERE

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