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Africa Unit Study

Africa Unit Study

Materials Used
Art History Vol.1, Stokstad (Other research options will work as well)
National Geographic World Atlas (Any Atlas should work as well)
Trail Guide to World Geography, Geography Matters, Wiggers
Geography through Art, U.S and International Art Projects for Kids, Jeffus &Aramini
Eat Your Way Around the World

Day 1
Trace the Continent of Africa – Atlas
Research answers to Question from Day 1 (Week 14 Africa) from Trial Guide to World Geography. Use answers to label information on the traced continent of Africa.
Used Trail Guide Points of Interest to label traced African Map

Day 2
Spend a little time on line researching African Masks.
Read out loud from Art History book about Egypt Mythology. (I was pleased to hear how much JV remembered from the Ancient Egypt Pocket Book project and from the Story of the World Book 1. )
Geography Though Art- Make a paper mache African Mask- We used plaster strips. You can find these at Hobby Lobby or on-line.
Cooked Gebna Makleya (Egypt) from Eat Your Way Around the World

Day 3
Hieroglyphics from Geography through Art
Egyptian Style Drawing from Geography through Art
Paint African mask if dry.
Cooked Biram Ruz from Eat Your Way Around the World

Day 4
Finish African Mask

Highlights or our week of Africa
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