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Summer Learning

Usually we take a full summer with very little structure. This summer will be a bit different. There are a few areas I would like JV to strengthen before starting sixth grade. This summer study will include practicing spelling words and math facts. JV will also be working on Merit Badges for Boy Scouts and 4H projects for our youth fair.

This summer we will spend a little time with some non-fiction books and a little poetry.

1. George Washington the Man who would not be king, Stephen Krensky
2. Strings, Straightedge and Shadow, Julia E. Diggins
3. George Washington’s Birthdays, Wilma Pitchford Hays
4. Poetry Speaks to Children, various authors
5. Who was Abraham Lincoln, Janet B. Pascal
6. Who was Dr. Seuss, by Janet B. Pascal
7. The Lost Prince, by Francis Hodgson Burnett
8. Little Lord Fauntleroy by Francis Hodgson Burnett

Self directed learning and creating is always on the summer agenda. JV will continue to write stories, movies and books as the summer progresses. He will animate movies, video a second summer movie and create fun skits.

Last summer JV made a movie with about 10 friends. The movie is an hour long. There are plans for a second movie this summer.

Spelling worksheet
Music Practice
Multiplication Facts That Stick by Kate Snow.

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