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Advent | Exploring Jesus’ Lineage with Art | Christmas Bible Art Project | Week 1 Day 1 – Day 7

Advent | Exploring Jesus’ Lineage with Art | Christmas Bible Art Project | Week 1 | Day 1 – Day 7

A Bible Art Project is a fun addition to your Advent celebration, adding daily bible passages and art into your holiday tradition.

Inspired by the Advent Tradition of the Jesse Tree

What is advent?
Advent is a time of waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Christ and the returning of Christ. The advent season in the liturgical year is usually observed by many denominations.

The scriptures and bible passages below are inspired by the Jesse Tree tradition. (Scroll down for scriptures)

A couple Decembers ago, I was at a dear friends house. She showed me her Jesse Tree. It was a rustic Christmas Tree made of pallets and nails. On each nail starting at the bottom was a stuffed felt Christmas ornament. My friend explained that she had made the ornaments and that her husband had made her tree. She showed me a book she uses every morning with her children. It was all brilliant. I was so impressed with this advent tradition I was hooked. I loved how each morning her children all sat around and learned about the lineage of Jesus during Advent.

I wanted to make my own Jesse tree and ornaments. A quick google search gave me many ways to make a Jesse Tree, including what types of ornaments to buy or make along with books with the daily scriptures. Some of the books included a paper Jesse Tree and ornaments.

The felt ornaments my friend had made were lovely but outside of my skill set. So I set out to make an ornament matching each scripture out of clay. Needless to say I didn’t get them done in time to use for that year.

The next year came and we made our tree. (See more about that here)

But the ornaments that we made the year before all cracked and broke. The air dry clay was not a good medium to use. That year we took time to read through the “Jesse Tree” scriptures each day.

We were missing the hands on visual aspect of learning. So this year we are doing it as a daily devotional and bible study along with an art project.

The scripture below is inspired by the Jesse Tree tradition.

Any type of medium will work. In fact, if your child is so inclined they can switch it up each day.

A Bible Art Project will add one more special element to your Advent celebration.

How It Works

The purpose of our Bible Art Projects are to connect Reading, Faith, Biblical Verse and Art. It is my hope that these multidisciplinary activities are aimed at enhancing your child’s learning experience and helping cement scripture into their memory.

Encourage your child to be creative. If your child needs prompting or some ideas give them many ideas to help formulate their own. Be careful not to direct them too closely. This illustration is their version, their art inspired by the Lord’s word. Have supplies on hand and set them in front of your child. Each day use the next bible verse or passage to inspire that morning’s art project.

Depending upon your child’s abilities, you can read the bible passages to your child, have your child read them or have your children take turns reading the scripture.

Once the scripture has been read it is time to start the art project.
Any art medium will work, paper and crayons, watercolors, collages, colored pencils, paints and canvas, clay modeling, or anything else you or your child can come up with.

If a bible art project is something you would like to incorporate into your homeschool day, you can find a list of our projects here.

Bible Verses are from the English Standard Version of the Holy Bible.


December 1st:
The Creation of the World: Genesis 1:1-31

December 2:
The Creation of Man and Woman; Genesis 2: 7-9, 18-24
The Fall of Man Genesis 3:1-7 Genesis 3: 23-24

December 3:
Genesis: 6:5-8 Genesis: 13-22 Genesis: 7:17,23,24 Genesis: 8:1
God’s Covenant with Noah: Genesis 8: 6-22

December 4:
The Call of Abram: Genesis. 12:1-3

December 5:
Isaac: Genesis: 22:1-14

December 6:
Jacob: Genesis: 28:10-15

December 7:
Joseph: Genesis 37 and 50

Jesse Tree Themed | Christmas Art Project.
Week 1 Day 1 -Day 7
Week 2 Day 8 – Day 14
Week 3 Day 15- Christmas Day

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