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Be Mindful of Your Teenager

Be Mindful of Your Teenager

So many of my friends and a few family members are entering or are in the trenches of the teenage years. If this is you, take a minute each day to talk with your children about where they are. There are so many changes happening in these little bodies. They’re moving from childhood to adulthood and it is a rough road. Your preteen or teenager is experiencing changes that they do not know how to interpret or manage.

There is a new surge of hormones that will sprout physical growth, the need for more exercise and new feelings of sadness and anger. Throw that in with an undeveloped prefrontal cortex and you will end up with an emotional forgetful foolish adult size child 🙂 . Now add in life stresses along with the little life experience they have and it is going to be a messy few years. Take the time multiple times a day to fill these little ones up with knowledge.

Knowledge about what is going on in their bodies. Let them know, that they are going to be forgetful and foolish and it is normal and expected. That they are going to make bad decisions. They are going to be angry and sad and likely wont know why. Remind them that this is a small stage in their lives and it will pass.

These are hard times for teenagers, take a few minutes each day to remind them of who they are in Christ. Set their foundation each morning. Remind them that they are loved and valued each night. Make sure they know that the world and social media do not determine their value. Remind them that they are made in the image of God and the Lord has a plan for them. Remind them that they belong to the King and what others think, feel or say can not change their value or their purpose.

Make sure they know that their struggles will be their testimony and their knowledge to help someone else someday. While teaching them be sure to teach them about God’s Mercy and Grace. When correcting them be sure to mirror the Lord’s Mercy and Grace.

Although their problems may seem small to us, they are big problems to them. Do not belittle them, help them address how they are feeling. Make sure they get lots of rest, lots of healthy food and exercise. Hang in there friends. While seeking the Lord and raising up faithful children we can all survive and help our teenagers thrive.

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