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Some Good Virtual Tours

Some Good Virtual Tours

The global pandemic has brought on disappointment, isolation and separation from those we love. It has changed our society, albeit for the short term, we all hope. But it has changed.

In Iowa, at least one high school does not recognize snow days. Days that would usually give kids a surprise days off now result in virtual learning days. Maybe a more efficient approach to the school year but eliminating those early morning yells of glee when school has been canceled.

As homeschoolers we don’t really get snow days. I have seen some families celebrate snow days and switch up their day to include snow play. But when you look closer there is still a school day in there filled with hot cocoa, sledding and a few snowmen.

One really great outcome from the pandemic are all the free on-line virtual tours. Below are the links to a few of our favorites. I hope you enjoy.

United States Capitol tours

International Space Station
International Space Station in 3D: 3D Glasses needed
Moon Tour

National Museum of Anthropology of Mexico Pictures of 100s of artifacts.

Decorah Eagles Nest: Live camera of an eagles nest.


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