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What kind of weirdos homeschool in Iowa?

In my years of homeschooling I have met all kinds of homeschooling moms. I have met homeschoolers from Christ centered faiths and I have met atheists homeschooling families. I have met anti-government, intrusion fearing homeschooling parents.  I have met conservative parents and socialist parents that choose to homeschool.

I have met homeschool moms with dread locks.  I have met plant based diet homeschool families and those who raise their own meat.  

I have met engineers who homeschool their children. I even met a public school science teacher who homeschools.  I have met therapists who homeschool along with attorneys and bankers.  I have met moms who left careers to homeschool and those who never started careers.

I have met wealthy people and poor people who homeschool.  I have met well dressed parents and poorly dressed parents.   I have met parents who smell like essential oils and those who smell like they could use a shower.  I have met homeschool parents who are professors, pastors, adoptive and foster parents.  I have met parents who started their kids in public school and changed their mind.  I have even met parents who have kids in public school and keep some at home.  I have met strong dominant personalities and quiet calm parents.  I have met parent’s who curse and those who don’t.  I have met those who drink and those who don’t.  

So the weirdos in Iowa who homeschool come in all types, all socio-economic backgrounds.  The reason for their choices vary as widely as the differences in the parents themselves.

Sometimes it’s bullying, sometimes it is avoiding government intrusion, sometimes they feel the kitchen table is a better learning environment than the classroom and sometimes they do it because they can. Some do it solely to create stronger family ties and bonds.

The common thread with these weirdo parents is that they love their children and want what’s best.  Very much like the kind of parents you meet at Public or Private schools in every community in every state in America.

Happy Homeschooling

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