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Apple Oat Pancakes

A new favorite in our house, apple oat pancakes. NOT FROM SCRATCH. I spent a lot of my youth learning how to make many things from scratch. There are many dinners, lunches and snacks that I do make from scratch. There are a few items that I don’t. Pancakes are one of those. A complete pancake mix is a box of perfected science of which I do not need to tamper with, well at least not too much. Even science can be spruced up a bit.

What you will need:
Complete Pancake Mix
Two packets of instant Apple Spice Oatmeal
Milk (optional).

Mix your pancake mix as instructed. Add in two packets of instant apple spice oatmeal. Slowly poor in milk until the batter is the desired consistency. As the batter sits the oats may absorb the water/ milk. It might be necessary to add a little milk here and there to keep the batter from getting too thick. Batter will be lumpy.

Cook as usual.

If you feel really adventurous you could try adding Peaches N Cream, Strawberries N Cream, or Maple Brown Sugar.

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