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Embracing Winter in Iowa Survival Tip 1

Skin Care

Starting in fall and continuing through winter the air in Iowa gets dryer and dryer. This is great for the soybeans and corn along with red apples and fall foliage but not so great for my hands and feet. So once the crisp fall air sets in we start slowly preparing for the upcoming winter.

Winters in Iowa can be harsh with -40 wind chills and 15 minute frost bite warnings. These cold temperatures and dry air can really cause some serious grief in our house.

One essential part of our preparation is what we call The Winter Basket. This basket sits on the kitchen counter next to our front entry. This location is best for access before going out, after coming in and after washing hands at the kitchen sink.

My youngest son suffers the worst when the air is dry. If we don’t take care everyday to lotion his hands every time he washes them his hands will get so bad that they crack and bleed. It is very painful for him. He also has skin irritation and cracking around his mouth and on his lips. We take care to protect his face along with his hands before and after going out into the weather.

My skin is not nearly as sensitive to the change in humidity as my youngest son’s but daily attention is needed to alleviate dry itchy skin and cracked heals.

The Winter Basket is our family solution to keeping all these items close at hand and readily available when needed. This basket has made caring for our skin much easier.

If you do decide to make a Winter Basket be sure to put in a place that it will most likely be used. It is a cluttered group of items. I used a basket I had around the house to contain the mess on my kitchen counter.

A few other preemptive measures we take are using water softener and moisturizing shampoo, soap and body wash along with a humidifier and defuser.

Burt’s Bees Hand and Foot Care Set
New to our winter basket this year is the Tips and Toes Burt’s Bees set. All good stuff in this little package. This also makes a great gift set for teenage nieces, cousins or friends living in harsh weather.

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