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As you know choosing who you vote for is a very complex decision. Deciding which political party you want to affiliate yourself with is very complex. Issues of modern day society are very complex. Some choose due to one issue held close to their hearts. Others choose based on an ideology. Some don’t really want to think too hard about it; assume their party is what they think it is and vote their party right wrong or good or bad. The truth is for the voter it is an issue of freedom.

Freedom to choose which candidate the voter wants to lead. We all have the freedom to vote (unless restricted by law). We have freedom to form our own opinions. We have the freedom to develop our values and develop our belief system. We have the freedom to live our life as we would like.

The American people vote and hope that our candidate will hold up our standards, our beliefs and our freedoms. And those beliefs differ from citizen to citizen.

Some people vote their candidate because they are business owners and believe in free enterprise. Some vote their candidates for a smaller government. Some vote their candidate because they believe their candidate shares their faith. Some vote for social justice. Some vote for Life. Some vote for police accountability. Some vote for GDP. Some vote for social services. Some vote on potential laws and restrictions. Some vote for the poor. Some vote for fair courts. Some vote for justice. Sometimes the reasoning behind a person’s vote is reasonable, educated and rational. And sometimes it is not.

We all need to refuse to be put in a box based on which vote we cast. I have found that many people who are unable to fully process the complexity of modern societal problems, just as when they vote, assume that based on their small representation of the world, that everyone fits into a neat and tidy box so that the world makes sense. These boxes are filled with judgment, assumptions along with falsehoods that only serves to divide and make sense to that person, allowing them to feel superior and correct in their thinking. It keeps the world from being too complex.

I imagine we are all a little guilty of this here and again.

But some live their lives being of “superior thought”. It is difficult to meaningfully engage with these folks, in my experience I find thes folks far less likely to have independent evolving insightful thought; likely have very few life experiences outside their small worlds and are unable to unscramble the complexity of how and why others feel, think and VOTE the way they do.

Don’t falter because other’s feel better when you’re in their tidy little box. We are all better off if we work at better understanding the complexity of societies failures, successes and issues, regardless of our political party.

We must teach our children our values and give them a foundation to think for themselves and stand up against those who belittle, condescend and judge based on their own understanding. Our children are tomorrow’s leaders and they must know how to listen, evaluate and think for themselves.

Keep enriching our society with free thinkers.

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