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Are you enough? Nope.

This is going to be a tough read for some of you out there. There are so many little sayings, foot tattoos, memes, books, articles, blogs, yoga instructors, and councilors that are missing the mark here.

Are you alone, enough? Nope. Are you enough to make someone else happy. Nope. Are you enough if you work hard and teach your kids how to throw a baseball? Nope. Are you enough if you work endlessly to serve the poor, the hungry and the broken? Nope. Are you enough if you are kind, giving and honest? Nope. Are you enough if you teach Sunday school, love the Lord and read your bible everyday? Nope. Are you enough if you give and give and give and give. Nope.

Enough for who? Enough for what? Enough to be who we were created to be? Enough for salvation? Nope. We are not enough, guess what else we aren’t good either.

WHAT? Have I lost my mind? NOPE. Everyone of us fall short of the glory of God. We are not good. We are broken, we are hurt, we are selfish, ungiving, unforgiving, and easily distracted by the world.

But God shows mercy and grace for our short comings, for our sins. God blesses us and where there are voids he fills them with his mercy, grace, love and forgiveness. Our desire of “enoughness” or lack there of “enoughness” is how we were created. How we were made to be. But being enough is not what other’s decide, it is what our Lord, our Judge decides.

There is only one judge of our “enoughness”. Only one Judge that determines the value of you as a person, you as a parent, as a friend, you as a soul. That Judge is our Lord. And when you fall and fail , you have legal council. Now get ready for this. When you stand before our only real Judge, your council, your savior of your short comings; HE IS THE JUDGE’S SON.

Conflict of interest, maybe, but luckily to your favor. Look. The LORD sent his son to be brutally beaten and left to hang by nails to die, until a spear was stuck in him to bleed him out. The only purpose of this brutal attack was so that when you failed he would be there to bail you out, represent you in judgement and save and forgive you for your sins.

Often when the human flesh and the world or even one person decides you don’t meet their expectations, value or whatever void they are trying to use you to fill,…it is due to their own emptiness, they aren’t feeling “enoughness”. But you are not the fill for that void. Jesus is. You are far from enough, but with the savior, forgiveness, mercy and grace you become enough, for the Lord.

If you haven’t, take a moment to pray to accept Jesus Christ as your savior, pray for mercy and grace, pray for understanding, pray for salvation, pray that the Lord put the right people in your path to help guide you on this new journey.

Seek those that have come into your path to help you get here sooner than you have. Allow them to guide you on this new path of understanding. Being a Christian is not about having your “STUFF” together. It is about being broken, knowing it, recognizing it and seeking the Lord to mend those broken pieces.

The Lord has plans for you. You were created in his image and he is calling you. Seek him and search out the answer.

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