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Splitting Hairs and Chasing Windmills. Who is in Charge?

The Global Pandemic known as Covid 19 has really opened my eyes to a few interesting things that I thought I would share.

Recently, I took my son in for his annual check up and booster vaccines. I vaccinate, if you don’ t that is okay. No judgement. I spoke with the Doctor regarding what was needed and the result of his check up.

The nurse came in and administered the shots. As we were chatting she mentioned that these were what are required by the School District. This was puzzling to me.

In her defense, she didn’t know we were homeschooolers and likely most parents are getting boosters because they have received a notice from the school. And don’t get me wrong, she was wonderful and wasn’t pushing any view point on me. I just found that odd, since we don’t really deal much with the school district.

I think we all know the school district DOES NOT determine what vaccines my child needs, that these come from recommendations from the CDC and the State Department of Human Services and the schools are just a check in the balance, but it was so strange that those were the words she choose.

I felt as though the school district had some say in what we were doing in my Doctor’s office. I thought what in the world does the school district have to do with the health, care and welfare of my homeschooled child?

First the Doctor’s Office and now our CLUBS

Clubs that we are active in are referring to “following the local school district’s lead” in how to handle in person club meetings.

The Staff of the governing bodies of these clubs that administer the overall structure of the clubs are working from home, wearing masks when interacting with the public AND still refer to the School District to dictate if meeting in person will take place or if masks will be required.

I know I am splitting hairs, and if asked any of these groups I know they would say they are following the CDC recommendations. I understand that.

What is strange or eye opening to me is that some individuals rely on or use words that indicate the school is making the decisions.

How did one school board become so powerful to mandate so many unrelated groups?

WELL IT IS NOT, but it seems that most people choose to express their “regulation” by saying we will follow what the school does. And maybe what they really mean is that the school board will be more on top of what is required by the State and recommended by the State. But I can’t help it, being so far removed from the school, this way of referring to the school district has having community, club or personal authority just rubs me wrong.

I don’t think referring to the school as having authority where it does not is a good idea. I think it is misleading and can convince other’s that the school district has more authority than it does.

I understand that these groups are relying on the school to follow the rules set by the State, it is just strange that the “language” they use appears to shift the decision making and authority to the school and not based on their own governing authority to make the decision.

I think in all aspects of life it is important to always know where your authority comes from and state it as so. To reference those governing bodies that do not have authority can make it appear that we are deferring to another authority. People can come to believe that authority exists where it does not and even worse that governing body can believe the same.

Homeschool moms, keep raising those independent thinkers.

~Happily Homeschooling

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